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Have you ever had the contractor that promises to show up and then dodges your phone calls? Or the contractor that asks for half the money up front and then disappears? Well that won't happen with Ambition Remodeling!

These people SHOW. UP. ON. TIME. EVERYDAY! This was a first in all of my experiences with contractors and subs. Ambition did a whole house remodel for us and we feel like we actually moved to a new house (this was so much cheaper than buying a new home in today's market BTW). To list everything that was done to our home would make this review pages long, so I will just list a few: Complete remodeling of all bathrooms and the kitchen, added a bathroom, re stained all wood doors (solid-core and 16 in total!), new flooring including laminate and carpet, added fans and plumbing, new laundry room remodel with added utility sink, new lighting throughout including 20 new can-lighting fixtures, whole house interior repainted (exterior to come later this fall)... one of the biggest and best changes... whole interior popcorn ceilings scraped and redone! I really could keep this list going, but I will stop there. They do it all! Carmelo runs his team like they are working on his own home. ...complete attention to detail and quality above all else. He was able to deliver in every aspect of our remodel... and we added a lot of projects that we weren't even planning to do that they were able to accommodate. He was able to maneuver and complete projects despite inventory and supply chain issues. 


Drew J

"Carmelo runs his teams like they are working on his own home..."

Carmelo and his team went out of their way to deal with unforeseen circumstances in my project and ensure they deliver high-quality work in the end. Ambition Remodeling is a very suitable name for the attitude this team provides!

IMG-5922 (1).jpg

Chris S

I am going to begin this review with the negatives because it is the easiest.  There are simply NO negatives when it comes to Ambition Remodeling. For the positives I will use the word integrity. Carmelo and everyone at Ambition Remodeling is the real deal. They have probably been in every room in our house doing one job or another including a total remodel of a bathroom, installing a central house fan, tiling backsplash, ceiling name it, they have done it.  Carmello always responds to emails/phone calls, provides amazing suggestions, pays attention to the details and gets the job done, not only done, but done above and beyond what we expected each and every time. We are at the point that we would not let anyone else in our house.  His entire team is extremely hard working, respectful, kind, interactive, and treats our house like it was their own. It's hard, often frustrating to find a contractor who will follow through and do a decent job or even show up.  Ambition Remodeling is hands down the best when it comes to any job you need done.  We feel blessed to have found such a reliable company that we can trust 100%.


Kevin and Barb

"...done above and beyond what we expected each and every time."

They are honest, fair in price, hard-working to get the job done right and in reasonable time. They are very good at working with insurance companies, and took the stress off of me and handled much of the details for me in a professional, fair and honest manner. I highly recommend this company. 


Rick R

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